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A few revisions and updates to the cookbook.

What the one thing that everyone following a gluten-free diet wants? Bread!

A gluten-free, allergen-free snack bar.

Many products are now labeled gluten-free, but should you trust that they are actually free of gluten?

Have you  been following a gluten-free diet, but still having symptoms? Could it be your fruits and vegetables?

Sometimes removing gluten and dairy products results in weight loss for some people.

Happy to find people pinning my cookbook and website on Pinterest! 

Celeste's Best eBooks available for your Kindle and iPad.

The Gluten Dude website and symptoms of celiac disease. Do you have any of these?

Making a quick batch of doughnuts with the Babycakes Donut maker.

My interview about Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes with Dr. Joelle Cafaro from

Why is the government so adamant that vaccinations have nothing to do with autism? Shouldn't we be looking for every possible cause?

A fresh idea for a gluten-free dinner. Click here for recipe.

Some supplements to help you quickly get back on your feet after you've unknowingly ingested gluten.

Looking for a xanthan or guar gum substitute? Konjac powder is the perfect substitute.

Removing brown rice from a gluten-free diet to lower the amount of arsenic levels you may be ingesting.

Find out which rice contains the least amount of arsenic.

Are you herbs and spices gluten and allergen free?

Download my eBook and make your own gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream and frozen desserts.

Following a gluten-free diet while moving to a new home.

Use Authentic Brand white rice flour and sweet rice flour and there's no need to add any bean flour to my flour mix.

Easily find gluten-free, allergen-free ingredients for recipes.

Step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream sandwiches.

Using cream of tartar and baking soda as a baking powder substitute.

Coffee and a gluten-free diet. Should you be drinking that morning cup of joe?

Could you actually become desensitized to eggs by eating them?

A video about a young boy that forever changed the way I looked at celiac disease and how gluten affects the mind as well as the body.

Our family holiday tradition. Gluten-free fried oysters for breakfast.

Starting a gluten-free new year happy and healthy!

Bake up a batch of holiday cookies with one of the recipes from my cookbook.

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