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Enjoy a gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream cake for your next birthday party or celebration.

Many companies are seeking workers who can perform specific, often tedious tasks like data entry or software testing and many with autism are well-suited to this line of work.

Thinking Moms and their revolution to rescue our autistic children. Read about it here.

The CDC was aware of Danish data indicating a connection between removing Thimerosal (49.55% mercury) from vaccines and a decline in autism rates.

Following a gluten-free diet during a stay in the hospital. 

Quick and easy allergen-free recipe for cranberry sauce.

Bake up some gluten-free stuffing and pies this Thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for!

Gluten-free, non-GMO cocoa and herbs and spices I use.

Are you supporting companies who are trying to prevent you from knowing what's really in your food?

Vote for non-GMO foods every time you shop at the grocery store.

Finding safe Halloween treats for those following a gluten-free, allergen-free diet.

Gluten-free, allergen-free playdough recipe.

Eating a diet free of GMOs can help those with celiac disease and other food intolerances heal faster.

Finally, an gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free allergen-free chocolate chip!

Are most gluten-free diets full of GMOs?

Gluten-free foods can actually taste incredibly delicious.

A leaky gut creates small holes for bacteria, food and toxins to pass through into the bloodstream and into the body, allowing them to pass into the brain.

Searching for a tea that is both gluten-free and corn-free isn't as easy as it seems.

How the Bt toxin in corn can affect those with autism.

Could eating GMOs be the cause of your child's GI issues?

A brief definition of GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms.

Allergic Living magazine's goal is to be an invaluable tool to the allergy, celiac and asthma communities.

How to use the Triumph Dining guidebook to help you find gluten-free products.

Toasters and gluten-free bread.

How do GMOs affect those with celiac disease and food intolerances?

Shop Vitacost for the best prices on gluten-free flours.

The ingredients list for the gluten-free Girl Scout cookies. Might be a little more than you were expecting.

Girl Scouts offer their first gluten-free cookie.

Believe it or not many people are now eating wood in most of the processed foods they buy.

Celeste's Best GlutenFree, Allergen-Free Recipes Cookbook | | #glutenfree #gfree